Microneedling Dermaroller (1.00 mm)

Microneedling Dermaroller (1.00 mm)

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Dermaroller (1pc)

Our dermaroller is 100% original and meticulously customized made with 540 titanium needles. When you purchase this product you will receive a properly sealed, and informative labelled. This product is 1.00 mm (limited stocks). It's clinically tested and highly recommended by the dermatologists. 

This product doesn’t include of vitamin C – serum or any of our beauty supplements. 

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At first glance, a Derma Roller may look intimidating as it is a hand-held device that a roller at the end covered with needles. However, the benefits of this product far outweighs first impressions. What it does is it harnesses the skin's own ability to regenerate and heal itself. By using a derma roller, the top layer of the skin does receive a certain level of 'trauma' to accomplish this. The key to the derma roller is that it does NOT sacrificing any skin tissue. Because the derma roller does not remove layers of the epidermis but rather top layer skin, the down time of healing and regeneration is a faction of time that it would take to heal from a medium depth peel of the skin for healing purposes. Therefore, because of the minimal 'trauma' done to the skin by way of micro needles, your skin's natural healing ability to heal itself all but cures a variety of skin issues such as: acne, stretchmarks, scars, pigmentation, sun damage, fine & deep wrinkles, etc. Another great feature of the derma roller is the advantage of vitamin-c serum absorption which specifically aids with acne problems.

For those who do not know, vitamin-c serums are of the best on the market in the field of 'anti-aging' products. This serum alone is more than enough reason to include dermaroller sessions for skin improvement. These are just a few reasons why we champion the derma roller. Although, there may be many dermarollers on the market, our product stands out from the rest. Our clinically tested derma roller is equipped and customized with 540 titanium needles. There are some reviews out there on many different dermaroller 'recreations' that have very weak, dull, or unevenly spaced needles that have been known to bend, cause skin damage, or even break off! Don't waste your time, health, and money on cheap 'knock-off' products when you can get the real deal from us! We also want to make sure that we not only give a solid product but also informative instructions as well. For example, some drawbacks of not knowing how to use a dermaroller in the first place. Make sure to use either numbing cream or apply ice to the areas you wish to micro needle to reduce any pain you might feel when running the roller over the area in question. Make sure also to not use too much pressure as you might actually damage your skin but also not too lightly as you may not see any results. Keep in mind that there might be a few sessions using the dermaroller before you see any results as well. Because no one's skin is the same it is difficult to ascertain the number of sessions you might need to do. However, because these are actual needles puncturing the skin, to be safe it is best to do one session a month or once every 40 days. So take control of your skin's heal and invest in its radiance by buying our dermarollers today!

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