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Slay is surely an independent, strong and a force to be reckoned with. She only realized she was really strong after she was broken-hearted in New York, picked up her broken pieces, hide her sorrow and moved on. And then back to work! When asked how she likes to unwind, she acquired a puzzled look on her face as if to say that life is too short to chill. This full of get-up-and-go glamour girl has lived and is living the life of dream and she believes she has many things to accomplish more. Anyone in her company immediately feels energized because she has a positive aura and likes to see the best in the worst situation. She’s slaying her lifestyle with a radiant smile. Slay matte liquid lipstick is a beautiful New York pink, and little nude in between. 

This isn't your 'another matte liquid lipstick'. You can wear it daily. It doesn't give you much attention but you can slay the look. ;)

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We added vitamin E in the ingredients as an antioxidant so it can protect your lips from dryness, and skin damage caused by free radicals.

K. Godfroy matte liquid lipsticks are made with the highest standards. It is rich, full of life pigments that are bold, and last longer than ordinary liquid lipsticks. It can literally stay on all day long. Our matte liquid lipsticks are non-sticky, non-toxic, and waterproof. We packed it in quality tube with a touch of gold. Our colour shades are formulated from scratch by K. Godfroy ™.

Net Wt. 25 oz, the total weight with the tube is 38 grams/tube.

Ingredients: Beewax/Carnauba wax, Ceresine, Olive Oil, Vaseline, Hyaluronic Acid, Lanolin, Monostearin, Liquid Paraffin, Propylene Glycol two octanoate two decanoate, Octyle Plamitate, Vitamin E, Isoamyl Laurate, Fragrance.

Directions for use: 

Apply KG matte liquid lipstick to bare lips with wand. Please allow up to one minute to dry. Do not rub it until it’s completely dry. Once the liquid lipstick is dry, you will be amazed in its beautiful matte appearance. If you want to have a long lasting matte liquid lipstick, simply avoid oily foods and don’t mix our matte liquid lipstick with other products.

Directions of how to remove it:

Due to its rich of pigments regular wipes won’t be able to remove the liquid lipsticks on your lips. Please use oil based make-up removal.


Our matte liquid lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free. You may find similar design or tube from other brands but ours are formulated from scratch. We do not copy other brands’ colours so we have something different to offer you. Each colour is personally selected by us and is handmade in our own lab with the highest standards. Clinically tested.