Nude Light brown/light red.

Nude Light brown/light red.

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“Sunny and yet breezy. It’s surrounded by beautiful lakes. It’s so Minnesota summer.”

The perfect gift to indulge for yourself or others. This charming nude light brown with a touch of light red is KG’s favourite liquid lipstick shade, especially when she has a date with her baby daddy who’s from Minnesota.

You can wear it whether you have simple eye make-up, or smokey eyeshadow. KG has personally selected this colour during her trip in Minnesota last summer of 2016. This liquid lipstick shade doesn’t need much attention. You can be pretty and stunning with this beautiful matte liquid lipstick shade.

And oh, you can also wear it on winter. The colour is so chill and versatile. Aww yeah!

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We added vitamin E in the ingredients as an antioxidant so it can protect your lips from dryness, and skin damage caused by free radicals.

K. Godfroy matte liquid lipsticks are made with the highest standards. It is rich, full of life pigments that are bold, and last longer than ordinary liquid lipsticks. It can literally stay on all day long. Our matte liquid lipsticks are non-sticky, non-toxic, and waterproof. We packed it in quality tube with a touch of gold. Our colour shades are formulated from scratch by K. Godfroy ™.

Net Wt. 25 oz, the total weight with the tube is 38 grams/tube.

Ingredients: Beewax/Carnauba wax, Ceresine, Olive Oil, Vaseline, Hyaluronic Acid, Lanolin, Monostearin, Liquid Paraffin, Propylene Glycol two octanoate two decanoate, Octyle Plamitate, Vitamin E, Isoamyl Laurate, Fragrance.

Directions for use: 

Apply KG matte liquid lipstick to bare lips with wand. Please allow up to one minute to dry. Do not rub it until it’s completely dry. Once the liquid lipstick is dry, you will be amazed in its beautiful matte appearance. If you want to have a long lasting matte liquid lipstick, simply avoid oily foods and don’t mix our matte liquid lipstick with other products.

Directions of how to remove it:

Due to its rich of pigments regular wipes won’t be able to remove the liquid lipsticks on your lips. Please use oil based make-up removal.


Our matte liquid lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free. You may find similar design or tube from other brands but ours are formulated from scratch. We do not copy other brands’ colours so we have something different to offer you. Each colour is personally selected by us and is handmade in our own lab with the highest standards. Clinically tested.