Beauty & The Beast Photoshoot Theme in Singapore.

Did you know the [costume] creator of the fantaserye (TV drama series) of Mulawin, Dyesebel and Engkatadia in the Philippines, Sir Mars Galang was here in Singapore to shoot the Beauty & The Beast theme at Fort Canning? 😉

Sir Mars Galang was looking for a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who can play the role of Belle. He knows the model and starlet Sheena Mon fits the bill. She is a natural beauty, fearless and kind hearted. By just looking at her beautiful eyes and sincere smile, who wouldn't fall in love?

The photoshoot was organized by Mr. Kajjo Cuedera, a professional photographer and resident in Singapore. He selected the location, list of photographers, and make-up artists to allowing us to use K. Godfroy Cosmetics for the cast.


Model: Sheena Mon
Stylist/Creator: Sir Mars Galang
Organized by: Mr. Kajjo Cuedera.
Pro MUA: Ms. Anna Salovino
All photos are credit to the photographers. Thank you! 😉

Behind the scene. Thank you for sharing, ladies.