Afternoon-tea and lippies at TWG.

I don't know any woman who isn't a lipstick lady.

Being married with a five years old boy, I've mastered the art of fitting baby wipes, cookies (in case of emergency), my son's extra clothes, umbrella, my husband's credit cards, and maybe two or three lippies into a flexible bag (a.k.a. Gucci) and I'm good to go. When I go out for an afternoon-tea I make sure I am stylish or at least I'm wearing a decent dress. My clothes are more conservative than 4-6 years ago. I am refined now with a sense of style. 

After all just because you are married with a kid doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of yourself. One shouldn't neglect herself just because she's a family woman with lots of responsibilities. ;) 

I enjoy having good coffee or tea in town. When I am not busy I invite my friends to join me. Sometimes I invite my son's classmates' mums. Yes, you can imagine our kindergarten mommas squad. To have a short break it can help you unwind. It can help you stay focused on your goals and happiness in life. You will become more confident person, and it's important qualities when you're a mother. You are responsible to take care of your energy. The positive vibe you are giving to your family lies with you. 

Being a mother isn’t easy. We have to give up our career opportunities for the well-being of our family. But this doesn’t mean your life has to be miserable when you are no longer working. Who’s responsible for you? You are. The responsibility for change and growth rests with you. Your parents’ advice or husband’s decisions will not make you do anything. 

One of the things that make growth difficult for stay-at-home mums when the lines of responsibility get muddled. We all have the tendency to make others responsible for our situations: “I can’t succeed because my husband wanted me to be a full-time mum”…”I can’t make an extra income because I’m just a stay-at-home mum”. “I can’t work online because my English teacher was horrible and I’m not good at blogging or online marketing”. “I can’t have fun because no one will take care of the kids” and so on. 

When you learn to be responsible for yourself without putting the blame on others you can be powerful, liberating and unstoppable.