Dominic, a beautiful model inside and out.

Last year I had a privilege to collaborate with a Slovak model based between France and Singapore. When I first saw her profolio I was mesmerized in her golden hair and greyish eyes. I appreciate her beauty maybe because when I was young I played Barbie and dolls with my sisters. The dolly face, polish look and smooth skin are admirable.

But Dominic is more than just a pretty face. She’s studying bachelors in business in the local university in Singapore, she’s a professional model and she has positive outlook in life. When Dominic presented herself to me during our meeting at Orchard, she expressed a love of fun, enthusiasm, sincerity, and interesting stories. Singapore may not be her home, but she loves the local culture, she’s respectful, humble, and easy to get along with. A good example of what a model should be.

And here’s one thing…I’ve met many models in the past for commercial photoshoots and project collaboration and sadly to say that not many models are easy to work with. Some ladies are primadonna and others are always late. But Dominic isn’t one of these girls, she knows how to hustle hard and hustling means being professional, easy to work with, and no problem attitude. What else can I say? This lovely lady is a role model.


Dominic is a versatile. She can look like a good girl from the girls school to a badass model. 

Photo by:   @3elements3images / Clothes by: @cyberdogofficial / Lippie by @Kgodfroycosmetics



Photo by: K. Godfroy

Dominic is our current brand ambassador. I like her personality and attitude. She's positive, down to earth, charming, ambitious and fearless.

You can expect our future collaboration this year. Stay tune! ;) 



Special thanks to Domi's boyfriend.