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Most Asian countries are still conservative, and some people are not comfortable when they see mixed race couples. Partly because they thought that when you are from a third-world country, and you date or marry a man from a first-world country they assumed you would take advantage of him for legal and financial stability. It’s a taboo, and not many women are comfortable or willing to speak out for what they believe. I’ve seen the different look on people’s faces when they are not comfortable with you; to be exact when they are in their racist mode. Trust me; I have perfected that look for many years in my marriage.

When I was young, my grandmother wanted me to marry a Filipino or a Chinese man. She said we would be a great couple. I strongly believe that anyone can be a power couple if you dream together and work hard to achieve your goals. I’m so glad I had the courage to show to my family, friends and even to my husband’s family that I am different from others. And I have spent my early twenties working so hard and starting up businesses, so when I meet the right man, it will not be for money. It will be for love.


One of the many reasons why I only have an e-Store (in 2016) and blog is because I was afraid of the criticisms and hate on social media. I wasn’t sure if I can take it. When some people are unhappy with their products, or if they are annoyed with how you represent yourself online, they will just write unnecessary comments on social media to embarrass you or make you feel little about yourself. It's a common behaviour of people who aren't happy for the success of others. But one day I told myself if that would happen, well I will not be the only one who will have critics or haters, so let it be. I believe people who write badly about you are depressed or unhappy with their personal life, and this is something I shouldn’t fight back but instead understand where they are coming from. I’ve also reminded myself that I studied in the law school, and I didn’t come this far to back out. Any issues that will cross my borders, I can defend myself – legally. Over the past few years, I’ve learned how to work with a brave heart. I have perfected the harmony of confidence and strength.

In addition, since my social media accounts were hacked twice in the past it pushed me to the point to focus on cybercrime law class. Now, I feel confident to be safe [somehow] than few years ago. 


When I was single, I traveled to many places and frequently for work. I was looking for the right place to live permanently. As an entrepreneur, I wear makeup all day, I required myself to wear proper clothes to meetings and most of the time I am exposed to the sun. These things stressed me out, particularly my skin. I had bad acne and active pimples all the time. Now that I’m a mother of a super active boy, I have less free time to go for treatments, spa or facials to indulge myself. Plus, I have to manage my expenses as my priorities have changed too. When I start-up Godfroy Lab and created skin care products that were made with the highest standards and focusing on anti-aging and antioxidants it helps me a lot to reclaim and maintain great skin.

I want to share with women like myself that you can maintain good skin without overspending or taking too much of your personal or family time. I’ve also created cosmetics that are made to last long, so in a way, it is practical to use it. You do not need to apply much as the ingredients are full of life pigments that can last longer than any ordinary cosmetics. My products are quality over just popularity.

Colour shades as of 2nd week of September, 2016.

Colour shades as of 2nd week of September, 2016.


My products are created because it’s about loving you for who you are and taking good care of your well-being without compromising your budget. All the projects I created are not done for overnight thoughts. I have taken my time to understand my market, worked hard to have a capital, and I waited for my son Brad to settle with his studies in Singapore before I work. I thought I would not be able to make it. My relatives before were joking that I will be single for life because of my kind of lifestyle. They reasoned no man would ever allow me to travel and work because it is impossible. Sake of this, I have spent my early twenties looking for a man who is not closed minded and smart enough to be my equal, and someone who can understand my dreams and who can be my partner for life. I settled down at 28, quite an old age for an Asian woman. Sometimes, life teaches you to have patience. Those great things and great people don’t come easily. You have to face a lot of challenges at work, family, and society. And I am here to inspire and encourage women like myself that it is okay to explore, have fun, experience failure or heartaches, and be with someone outside your culture or comfort zone. =)

Kathleen Godfroy