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Photo by: Mhar Anthony Villaester. is an online store in Singapore that informs its customers, friends and network about cosmetics, inspirational stories, equality in beauty, and empowering people.

The is a site that is responsive and easy to read on your pc, laptop, tablet and mobile device. We use it as a platform to share our views on beauty, cosmetics, inspirational stories of women and empower people to stand out and be fearless. We created this site not just to showcase our latest products, but to applaud you for staying true to yourself. We know that beauty comes with many shapes, colours and forms and that it can be a challenge for people to overcome their fears [of acceptance]. Regardless of where you come from, whether it be a first world country or third world country, do not let anyone define you by your passport. We know that you’re unique, beautiful inside and out, passionate, ambitious and fearless. We’re proud of you and our new brand mantra, #EqualityinBeauty is all about you.

Our Products: Quality over Popularity.

We understand how important branding and luxury labels are to some. Our products are a local brand from Singapore with international P/L resourced by an award winning manufacturer in Asia and created by one of the best R&D teams and chemists in Hong Kong. Ingredients and colours are carefully selected, and our products are formulated from scratch. Our products are high-quality, clinically tested, cruelty-free, and worth buying because it will make you look fantastic.

Many locals and foreigners love our products. On average, a customer will purchase 3-5 matte liquid lipsticks and as soon as her friends or loved ones use our products, they will buy from us too – and so on and so forth. With these reasons, we have thought to make our products more competitive, with higher quality, and deliver it at reasonable price. We want you to love it as much as we do.



It all began on Instagram when the founder Kathleen Martinez-Godfroy came back in Singapore from Boston in 2016. She doesn’t want to work for 9-5 job anymore and wanted to start-up a company for the 2nd time. She started collecting her thoughts, wrote it on a piece of paper, started formulating the ingredients and cosmetics. The next thing she knew she’s already working with the R&D teams. After the first batch of her freshly baked cooked liquid matte lipsticks she sold the products at a bazaar to understand the market’s buying behaviour. She never stops taking ‘selfies’ for Instagram since then. She learned not to care about the mixed perspectives of people in social media promotions.

Within the same year, she launched her brand at Takashimaya level 3 as temporary store followed by raising investments (phase 1).

During the process of building her empire she experience rejections, failures, and heart-breaking stories. It broke her spirit and almost give up, however, she reminded herself that she didn’t’ come this far to only come this far. She refocused and wrote again her goals and created the road map to success.

Today this start-up has a retail store at Tangs level 1, Vivocity in Singapore. We have a co-founder/CTO, Mr. Josh Ching, a serial entrepreneur from Singapore who has an I.T. firms in Thailand and Indonesia. We collaborated with a Beauty Blogger and Entrepreneur Finnish based in Singapore, Ms. Päivikki Väkiparta. The company has two shareholders, expansion investor, employees, logistics team, girl squad of influencers and professional models, outsource marketing team, and multi-awards in Singapore and India. 

"The business may be simple to people but what makes it successful today is our focus, passion, attraction, conversion and leverage.” - KG



We believe in empowering women, equality at work and working together as a team. 

Meet our girlfriends who support our brand online and offline. 

Thank you, ladies! xo

We support our dear friend's professional make-up artistry journey, @damakeuptouch